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Uncommon Decency

Feb 3, 2021

In the wake of the Capitol-storming mob of January 6th, a flurry of contradictory reactions from European officials followed, first warning about the viral potential of misinformation to spread on social media, and then against its deliberate taming by online platforms. Was this merely a symptom of the elusive equilibrium between speech freedoms and a sane public square increasingly convened by big tech, or is there a deeper parting of ways between America and Europe at the intersection of civil liberties and technoogy? As the transatlantic alliance grapples with the limits to free speech, we convened a discussion on these questions between Frances G. Burwell of McLarty Associates and the Atlantic Council (Washington DC) and Jacob Mchangama of the Justitia think-tank (Copenhagen) and the FIRE Foundation (Washington DC).


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