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Uncommon Decency

Oct 13, 2021

Once nicknamed the Scholzomat for his robotic approach to politics, Olaf Scholz led Germany’s social democrats to an unlikely electoral victory on the 26th of September, stunning Germans and outside observers alike. Sholz is now in a strong position to become chancellor of Germany, but given the electoral fragmentation of the Bundestag, he will need to rely on the support of two other parties in what has been dubbed a "traffic light coalition”, with the “red” SPD, the “yellow” liberals of the FDP and the Greens. With Merkel’s center-right CDU out of office for the first time since 2005, what does this new landscape tell us about Germany’s political mood? To break this down in our inaugural episode of season 3, we invited leading foreign correspondent Tom Nuttall of The Economist and the head of European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)’s Berlin office, Jana Puglierin.

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